What Are Very Easy Image Optimization Strategies?

Let’s say you are designing poster ads for a huge client base and they limit you that all sign board graphics have a 10K limit that means file should not go beyond 10 kilobytes in size. Although such scenario is quite common in the business, so what would you do? HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad is going to share  few tricks with you for making this task done .

Apart from the file type or image, there are some essential approaches to keep in mind for off-putting file size. In nut shell they are:

Bound dimensions

Even though quite obvious, the easiest method to maintain file size down is to limit the size of the image itself. There aren’t any magical tricks; just make the images as per given size as they need to be. Simple way is to eliminate additional gap in the graphic in Figure, you would be able to decrease the file size by 3K (23%).


Use again and Reprocess

For same image to be used in the site the best way is to craft only one image file and point to it repetitively where it is desired. It would reduce additional download and let the browser to take benefit of the cached image.

Compressed Design

Another strategy for creation files as little as possible is to devise for proficient compression. That means GIF less intense likes even colors, it’s not good idea to design GIF imagery with gradient color mix together when it is sufficed to use flat color. Likewise, since JPEG likes flexible changeover and no hard boundaries, you can attempt tactically blur imagery, saved in JPEG format. Ikonicsolution Web Designing in Islamabad also suggests that

Web Graphics tools are best

For image optimization if you will be doing plenty of web creation efforts. It is also has worth to invest in image-editing tools, software like Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Keeping file size as small as possible is the art in making web graphics which needs above mentioned strategies