What exactly is UX / UI design in 2018?

What is UX / UI design really?A lot of misunderstanding among designers and developers. There are also a lot of stupid questions related to UX and UI for beginners. Often, simply because people do not know the essence of the UX / UI concept and, not knowing what they are talking about, call things by their own names.

  • Obviously, the analogy with the grindstone is incorrect. Initially, there was a functional requirement – the grindstone should be mobile to serve a larger number of those wishing to sharpen knives / scissors. And the large grindstone had the requirement to sharpen large edges – swords / braids and so on. So this is an engineering solution that has nothing to do with design.Thanks Etechng for knowledge sharing about cheap website design in nigeria 
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      I paraphrase your comment to make it clear:
      Obviously, the analogy with the site is incorrect. Initially, there was a functional requirement – the site should be universal, to serve a larger number of those who want to buy knives / scissors. And the big site had a requirement to sell big tools – swords / braids and so on. So this is an engineering solution that has nothing to do with design.

      A mobile application is also a kind of engineering solution .
      Design and engineering are not mutually exclusive concepts. Naobrot, almost to any engineering product, the designer puts his hand.

      Perhaps the next article will be about what design is. I have long wanted to write it.

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        No, the grinder had two different problems – how to sharpen something small and how to sharpen something big. He had no other options for solving these problems – because everything rested on the size of the grindstone. But to make the drive leg or hand – this is the functional design.
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          If so to judge, then this is not a functional design, but again an engineering solution. Earlier, in front of an engineer, the task was to speed up the sharpening of large tools (made a round stone and a slave twist the handle), and now the task is to reduce the cost of the work (get rid of excess mouth). And then there is a foot drive, now only one worker is needed.

          And if so judge, then the designer in this world has no place. Or, perhaps, a good designer is an engineer? Question raised by Teespire the best app design company in delaware

          Speaking of a good designer, I mean exactly the designer of the system, which solves a specific problem, and not the artist-designer who only chooses in which color to paint the machine.

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            Speaking of a good designer, I mean exactly the designer of the system, which solves a certain task, and not the artist-designer who only chooses in what color to paint the machine.

            brusher , you are absolutely right. Because design (another borrowed word) is translated as “design”. In the broadest sense of the word.

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            No. One person simply can not simultaneously sharpen and untwist a large stone, so there was a need for additional labor. Now, if the stone was untwisted not by the hands of a slave, but, for example, he would run along the bicycle path – this would be, indeed, another human interface.
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            I agree. In English, design has a wider meaning than we do.
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        Perhaps the next article will be about what design is. I have long wanted to write it.

        If this is not sarcasm, but the real intention, then write, please! )
        I’m interested)

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    What does UX have to do with design?
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      UX, by itself – no.
      UX design – direct.
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        What does UX-design have to do with design?
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          Design – design. To construct is to create, construct the construction of something, to compose, arrange, represent in one form or another.

          UX – User experience includes all the emotions, beliefs, preferences, feelings, physical and psychological reactions of the user, the behavior and achievements that occur before, during and after using the system.

          UX Design – design, create a design based on user experience, their emotions and preferences.

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            So why do you use the word “design” instead of “design” and “project” in translation?
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              If the question of why I use this word in the article, then I just explain the term. If I wrote: “What is UX / UI designing really,” it probably would not have to be explained. But at the same time there would certainly be those who would ask:
              – And what then is UX / UI design?
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                OK ))
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    The division into web designers and UX / UI designers appeared with the development of the Internet. Over time, more specialized specialists were needed, which would make interfaces for web sites.
    Yes, UI / UX design is a broader and more comprehensive concept than web design.

    And then what does a web designer do?

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      Best Web site design 🙂
      UX / UI designer is a broader concept. UX / UI design is not limited to sites only. This can be the design of the Xerox control panel or the dashboard in the airplane. Anything. It’s all interfaces. And the web is just the web. A web designer (implied by UX / UI for the web) deals only with the web. Because he is a narrower specialist.
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        That is, if the designer indicates that he is a UX / UI designer, then what industry does he have in mind?
        With a web designer is understandable)
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          Yes, it is desirable to clarify the industry.
          Of course, in case you are designing a dashboard design in airplanes, then most likely the person to whom you say this already knows what the speech is and the term UX / UI is not required at all.

          But if you take a more mundane example, then game developers have their own UX and UI designers. And in the web – their own. And each industry has its own specific nuances.

          But the general principles of developing the interface are the same for all.

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            Thank you )

            But the general principles of developing the interface are the same for all.

            Interesting ))

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    And the UI is the User Interface (verbatim “user interface”) – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it gets. Determines what color your “product” will be, whether it will be convenient for a person to get a finger in the buttons, whether the text is readable and the like ..

    After this paragraph, the second time I doubted the author’s competence and stopped reading. It seems to me that you have no experience in product development or work on projects that are not limited to creating pages for a small business. In refuting my opinion, I will be glad to see a link to the portfolio.

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    A good article is clear and concise
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      Can not understand anything!
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        Even my mother understood.
        Before that, she thought that the interfaces are all that on the computer screen.

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    UX – this is where the
    UI steering wheel is located in the car – this is how the steering wheel looks.
    Bad UX-when the steering wheel is in the trunk.
    Bad UI-when the steering wheel is chrome. Especially bad on sunny days.
    A mixture of bad UX and UI – when the wheel of a brutal SUV is made in the form of a pink faloimitatora.
    Just everything.
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    “Recently, the popularization of the UX / UI profession of a designer has been associated more with the development of digital technologies. But that “boom” (when we began to see the term “UX / UI” in every second job announcement) is associated with the name itself, which someone came up with only recently. “

    The first official use of the term UX is referred to in 1993, when In Apple came Donald Norman to the position of UX Architect. He came up with the title of the post, and a little earlier – the very term User Experience defines how best webdesign firm abuja nigeria is.

    The term was associated with the development of computer interfaces and according to Norman’s thought should reflect the fact that in addition to purely functional studies – how the user will work more conveniently, it is necessary to predict and try to improve the emotional background of user interaction with the interface.

    The term went for a walk around the world from Apple’s bowels, and Jobs’s famous statements that the user should not just be easy to work with, the user should want to work with Apple devices – it’s all from the same opera.

    Nevertheless, the term was widely circulated among the people only after the phenomenal success of iPhones.
    Apparently, those involved in the industry began to understand, thanks to who appeared hrenovina, brought from the market competitors and it became obvious that the innovative interface was primarily a merit of peppers, which were called specialists in UX.
    After that, companies began to massively create UX-teams and in the day-fire to look for those who can really.

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      Cool, thanks for the information!
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    What is the difference between an ux / ui designer from a web designer? Is it necessary to separate separately from the professions of ux from ui?
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      What is the difference between an ux / ui designer from a web designer?

      “UX / UI design” is different from “web design” as well as “transport” is different from “car”. Web design is a narrower, specialized direction that is part of the UX / UI design, which is aimed exclusively at website design. And UX / UI design as a whole can include not only web design, but also ATM interface design, elevator control panel design or even a grindstone design …

      Is it necessary to separate separately from the professions of ux from ui?

      If you want, you can share. In this case (if we are talking about the web), the UX designer will develop navigation on the site, and the UI-designer will bluntly draw the buttons without thinking what each of them does.
      But in practice this is not common. More often it can be found in very large studios, where there are many people and everyone does their small part of the work.what is website design nigeria price ?

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        It’s all damp and wrong like that. In Russian, speaking ponty. There are also real engineers and interface designers, both in a more global sense, and in a narrowly specialized one, and as before they did without it and the terminology was normal for that. In the same article, it is written above that this term was introduced by someone from Apple for a loved one, sorry of course, well, monkeys and picked up.
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        Transport, cars in particular, but aircraft construction is the same transport, and shipping !? In general, the area is different! I mean, it’s all invented in order to confuse people and, in the long run, to bill more.

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