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Website creation is technology
No matter how creative the task may be, success in creating a website is a discipline. Compliance with the scenario of production of the site and maintaining consistency is some guarantee of obtaining a satisfactory result.

You can not work on a project that you hate
The scope of design is not fast food, and the customer is not always right. To build communication in this case is more difficult, but the designer needs to learn to let not love, but at least respect the client’s business. A professional designer is distinguished by his ability to adjust himself to a positive mood and get carried away by the project.

web design company in abuja EtechNG helps us compile this secret recipe.

Any development begins with pain and dissatisfaction
If we proceed from the fact that design is the solution to problems, then designers are “problem-solvers”. To eliminate the problem and find an effective solution, you must first conduct a study and pinpoint the problem, then focus on specific “pain points”. To do this, you need to understand what people do for which you create a website, why they do it, how they see the world around them, what their values ​​and needs are.

Listening is the first thing a designer should learn.
It is easy to solve the problems of people who are close in spirit, interests, social status. But most often the designer has to deliberately dive into the context.

We need to understand the world in which there is a person. Each of us has a unique experience (events that we have experienced), which determines our attitude to the world. Often we say: “Yes, I know this, I understand everything.” But it turns out that the difference lies in the details and it can be fundamental. Therefore, when we listen to a person, we must try to get used to his image, as actors do. Feel in his place.
The idea takes time
Once you have formulated the task, do not torment your brain, give the subconscious time to find a solution.

Switch to another task, or better still take a break: go in for sports, walk around the city, chat with friends. The advice is not new, but it really works – after a while the idea will necessarily appear.

Use Mind Mapping to generate ideas
If time is short and you need to speed up the process, you can use the technique of generating ideas – MindMapping . Take a sheet of large-format paper and start writing out all the associations associated with the project that come to mind, gradually structuring them. Rock your brain, adjust it to the desired area. In search of second-level, third-level associations, you will definitely get interesting ideas and findings that will surprise you.

Thanks to EtechNg Best SEO company in Abuja Nigeria for sharing knowledge with respect to SEO in web designing.

Conduct research
Research is what helps to develop a quality creative concept in the allotted time. They immerse the designer in the context, and the decisions become reasoned.

The designer does not just offer something abstractly interesting, but builds logical relationships. This allows you to effectively build relationships with the customer and get a predictable result.

See pictures – this is work
For a good designer, viewing the profile resources is a daily routine, the same responsibility as drawing layouts. In your head must meet hundreds of styles and directions. Art director differs from a beginner designer not only by the fact that he made hundreds of sites, but also by the fact that the art director has seen a lot of things. He saw everything.
Follow trends
The designer is the vehicle for the development of visual culture, so it is important to be in a modern context.

A fashion website is not an end in itself, but avoid obsolete solutions. Today they can go for a healthy conservatism, but the world changes so quickly that in six months your work will look like a dinosaur.

Good design is the result of your self-development and self-education
Do not stop learning. The world is changing very quickly, and if you want to win competition, you need to constantly learn new things. Follow the trends, study the theory of design, to understand the fundamental things. This will help to find meaning in what you are doing. A good design does not begin in the computer, but in your head. Fill it with quality knowledge.

Learn not only web design
A distinctive feature of web design is multidisciplinarity. Be interested in what’s new in architecture, interiors, fashion, culture, branding, illustrations, photography, video, mobile applications.

The designer always solves different problems, and the more you understand in different areas, the easier it will be to communicate with colleagues and customers. You will have to set tasks for an illustrator or photographer, and it will be easier when you can quickly collect the references and show what you want to see.

Direct criticism in the constructive channel
In discussions of options with the customer it is important to get away from emotionally-evaluative comments in decoding – what exactly is not like. When the customer is unhappy, ask why. He will reflect, begin to argue, and together you will find a solution. This is a difficult process, an emotionally complex task, but the interaction will be effective.

These steps number 11,12 and 13 are shared with us Teespire best web app design firm new jersey

Find inspiring people
Subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, or blogs of designers whose work impresses you. Watch what they share. Professionals are usually distributors of quality information, and through them you can learn something new. Watching them, you will understand how they think, and will be able to adopt their value system.
Do not spare the time for a good composition
The composition is the basis of any visual product. Bad composition will spoil the work, even if the technique in detail will be perfect.

People have long been tempted by the idea of ​​calculating the ideal proportions mathematically (the canon of Villara de Onnecura, the Fibonacci series, and so on). But no numbers will not allow to create such a composition, which you will feel, changing the position of objects over and over again. It is not easy, it requires skills and experience, but this is the most interesting and fruitful way.

Limit the color palette
Color – it’s easy. It’s such a super-base unit, like a letter. But this does not mean that you need to paint everything in different colors. On the contrary, use one color that will take 80-90%, and an additional color as an accent. One is the best option. Three can not be used. Two – very carefully.

Connect the corporate font
Now everything is based on the content, so the font itself will ask you the corporate style. Each font has a character, so try to find a font that matches the content. As a rule, one font is enough for a site. But if you want to achieve a spectacular contrast, then use font pairs: a sans-serif font and a serif font.

Use the mesh as an auxiliary tool
Modular grid is a universal tool for organizing visual space, which is used by both graphic and web designers. Nevertheless, the grid should not dictate, but only help in the design. From the grid, you can and should retreat. Do not fanatically align everything on the grid. A grid is not a dogma.

Use a prototype to negotiate with the customer
Prototype – a schematic image of the page that shows what blocks and entities are. Looking at the prototype, the customer must understand, nothing is forgotten. He sees what the menu will be, what the points will be in it, what will be the main screen, where the contacts will be located. The prototype allows you to make corrections very quickly and achieve the best result.

It is also Fueled by Mobile app design and development company

Iterations are the basis of good design
More iterations lead to a more correct decision. You move away from a broad concept to specific solutions that help real people make their life more comfortable and comfortable.

The main skill of the designer is to be able to tell a story
The skill of telling stories is worth learning. Now this is a new format, but soon it will become familiar and natural. The word “storytelling” is used in different contexts. For example, actors have their own concept of storytelling – a certain sequence of presentation, where there is a string, a culmination and an outcome.

In web design, we mean a way of presenting information. Digital story building is a combination of content and interface.

Draw each page as Landing Page
Ideally Landing Page is the page where a person gets answers to all the key questions about the service or product without going to other pages. Format Landing Page appeared as a way to increase the conversion in advertising, but gradually those principles that developed in the Landing Page format began to spread to the pages as a whole.

Add “air”
Even now, when simplicity has become a trend, the most common mistake of beginning designers remains the desire to fit in a small area too much information. Especially this applies to the cover (the first screen), which for some reason they try to put everything at all.

Do not be afraid to increase the spacing, do not bored elements. The user is much easier and will receive the information better if it is dispensed in a dosed way.

Do not overload the menu
One of the signs of a good site is clear navigation. The menu will help to organize it. Adding a menu, make sure that it is visually good: not too large, does not overload the entire page. There should not be many menu items, it’s best not more than five. Boldly enlarge the sections. Names make short. Three words like the menu item clearly do not suit. They should be read at a glance.
Sell ​​yourself, not a portfolio of works
The portfolio should look perfect, but the main purpose of the presentation of works is to interest the concept and impress with the presence of special details. Looking at work, the viewer must unequivocally understand that the decision is not taken from the ceiling, that it is found and worked.

Captivate the user with thoughtful typography
The content should be well-formed. It’s not enough just to lay out a piece of text – here, read! The attention of the reader needs to be managed. Use techniques from graphic design. At the End credit goes to EtechNG cheap website design firm abuja based nigeria 

Large headlines, the use of ultra-fine font style, interesting combinations of fonts that set the style of the site – everything that used to be characteristic for printing, switched to the web and adapted to the new format.

What do you need to be anonymous on the network? What means for this are available? How to hide your location and activities with financial transactions?

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1. Does the proxy server hide the user’s location?
2 In what ways is the user’s location determined?
3. Is it possible to establish the user’s location in a certain period of time? Based on a specific comment, post in LiveJournal or in private messages?
4. How can I hide the availability of financial transactions from an Internet service provider?
5. What programs are better for anonymous surfing on the Internet?

Above queries asked to best website designers in nigeria EtechNG.


1. Hides IP, traffic is not encrypted, so the provider knows everything about you.
2. Logs, brains, tips.
3. Yes, reducing the facts together, can contribute to the ruin of a cozy nest.
4. and 5. Use the services of VPN providers that do not log. All traffic will be encrypted and it will be impossible for the provider to determine what you did and where you went. It is desirable that the servers of the VPN provider are located in a country where it is legally impossible for them to disclose logs (provided that they are still being conducted).
The process of preparation precedes the formation of qualitative anonymity. I very much hope that all your actions with financial operations are legal, since my advice is intended to preserve the trade secrets of the organization.

The technical side: if you are someone very interesting, then the success of access to you is basically just a matter of money. For example, forcing a VPN service to open its logs will cost a fortune, but to force two providers in different countries to open their cards will cost 10x cheap, and not the fact that it will turn out.
In this case, it makes sense to encrypt the traffic sequentially, through 2 VPN-services.

The “social-engineering” side:
You can leave on indirect signs: suddenly for a couple of hours they coded, which usually do not. A message like a harmless sent to a person, immediately formed an unnecessary connection with you, and those who need it, just begin to dig further. And you know that more than half of the accounts in different social networks of the CIS and mailboxes are hacked in a matter of hours and these services cost a penny – less than 15,000 rubles?
The tips are as follows:
Completely stop communication on business through social networks. Business partners in friends do not add (even in FB) and messages they do not write, any. It is desirable to get the working mail from foreign services, usually they are paid, but this is only about $ 30 per year. You buy a VPN and encrypt all your traffic always, and not just when you conduct transactions.  Thanks EtechNg cheap website design in nigeria for supporting web development community.


If my ip is encrypted, but traffic is not. Is the location of the user calculated?

IP can not be encrypted, it is simply changed to another. The ability to calculate the location depends primarily on the service that you use to change the IP address. Trusting your anonymity with free proxy servers and any “anonymizers” is more expensive. Most paid proxy servers can provide you with a change of IP address and, as I said, do not keep logs, so technically you will find it either very difficult or impossible. A few words about the operation of the proxy server: it changes your IP to your own. This “own” it takes from another simple user in the country of your interest, whose PC is infected with Trojan software. That is all traffic from you / to you is through the PC of this user.
In addition to the lack of encryption, proxy servers have other disadvantages, such as unstable speed and connection failure (when the user with the Trojan restarts or turns off the PC).

Priority, that the location of my device was not available for other eyes

If it’s a smartphone with a SIM card inside, then everything is more complicated. The fact is that the communication operator can locate any subscriber with an accuracy of several tens of meters (in the city). But on the smartphone you can also configure VPN (OpenVPN) and work anonymously. GSM-anonymity is a separate topic, too big to be disclosed here. Many prosharennye businessmen communicate on business only from a separate device, the sim card of which is registered on one of its guards. In Russia, any information breaks through, even the drying of telephone conversations, it’s only a matter of price.

And if I understand correctly, traffic is a stream of information and activity on the network?

These are the megabytes and gigabytes of information that you download from the network or vice versa send to the network. The information is broken into small “packages” , and they walk from server to server. Etechng providing  web services at affordable cost of website design in nigeria.

And and very important what is LOGI?

This is a logging log that is on a server, it keeps track of which server and what time the data packet came in and to which server it was forwarded subsequently. This is a chain, traces in the snow, which can eventually lead to your real location. This chain terminates at the point where the server (in this case the VPN provider) does not maintain logs.

About the social-engineering side little understood, if there is time, you can disclose?

Social engineering is a method by which you can circumvent technical means of protecting information and obtain the desired information, relying on the human factor and human weaknesses. If by simple – it’s a divorce of someone you know, in order to get any information about you. If this is done by a professional who previously collected information about you from open sources, then most likely you will not even notice when your confidential data will be taken from you. This topic is even more huge than GSM-anonymity.

And as far as I know, third-party Internet resources are required by law to keep a server with information on the territory of Russia. “The law on personal data” which obliges the Internet company to store personal data of Russian users inside the country.

VPN-providers, from whom you encrypt your traffic, do not store on your servers the data you downloaded. They only provide transit traffic + its encryption, well, IP change, of course. Accordingly, the operation of the law on personal data does not fall.

How to Find the Best Web Designer for Our Projects?

Web Design Company in Abuja Nigeria EtechNG is the Best

We have been in the field of web and mobile app design and development since August 2009. Since then we have come across many ups and down with respect to finding best designers which should be reliable and meeting customer requirements efficiently. Many people ask us

How to find a web designer for our projects?

Well lets discuss it details by asking the same question to our experts:

Friends, I am engaged in writing web projects, at the moment there is a need for a designer who could at least draw photos in photoshop. As I understand it is possible to find a freelancer, tell me please if someone came across how to find and which in general can be pitfalls in such cooperation. web design company in nigeria is one such example.
Freelance designers can be found on freelance exchanges, such as fl.ru, freelance.ru and others. In terms of “finding your designer” there is much easier than, say, a young web designer, whom I myself am, to find customers for myself. Competition among designers on the same fl.ru beyond. There are more than enough explanatory experts. As for the pitfalls, paying attention to freelance exchanges is worth two things: a portfolio and customer feedback. On the portfolio you can find your designer, realizing that the person has already drew something similar to your projects, and according to reviews already determine how much the person is responsible, did not “throw” the customers.
In terms of cooperation with freelancers, I can advise you to work on a clear TK (brief).
Good luck!
Where can I find a web designer? 

It’s not at all important – you are looking for a web designer on the freelance exchange or in search results. The selection principles are the same:

1. Designer’s portfolio. 
This is the main indicator of the quality of the web designer. A lot of work in the portfolio is a good indicator.

Next, we look at the quality of drawing and design: the indents of the blocks, what text is used in the layouts, whether the balance between graphics and texts is observed. The details clearly show how deliberately the designer works.

2. Ways of communication. 
When the designer specifies only mail, this of course is not enough.
A popular specialist knows that clients often use all sorts of exotic things, so you need to have: mail, Skype, vibe, vatsap, telegrams. Advanced use Slack.

About the phone only the moment. Not all designers communicate well with their voice. This requires skills and experience. Therefore, the phone can be found already in the process of work.

3. Speed ​​feedback. 
I agree with Karim Rashid in this respect – it is necessary to respond promptly. Within an hour or two. In case of a heavy load, until the evening of the current day.
If the designer did not answer within 2 days – you understand, you will not be able to solve operational issues.  Etech NG is the best website designers in nigeria is a role model.

4. Text about yourself and about services. 
Properly written text, sufficiently detailed information about yourself – this is already good.
It is better when a person indicates his specialization and principles. This characterizes him as a thinking specialist.

5. Working conditions.
Be sure to find out all the working conditions on the shore. How long will it take for your task, how much will it cost, what kind of payment plan and how.

6. Questionnaire, brief. 
A competent web designer has his own questionnaire, which contains important questions for him about the future project. You can not work without a brief – you can not control the result afterwards.

7. Interviews. 
It’s good practice to conduct an interview on Skype before starting work.
There you will personally communicate with the person and you will be able to ask additional questions.

More useful articles are on the website of the web designer’s portfolio (etechng.com).

PS In freelancing, these people are few, unfortunately.

What exactly is UX / UI design in 2018?

What is UX / UI design really?A lot of misunderstanding among designers and developers. There are also a lot of stupid questions related to UX and UI for beginners. Often, simply because people do not know the essence of the UX / UI concept and, not knowing what they are talking about, call things by their own names.

  • Obviously, the analogy with the grindstone is incorrect. Initially, there was a functional requirement – the grindstone should be mobile to serve a larger number of those wishing to sharpen knives / scissors. And the large grindstone had the requirement to sharpen large edges – swords / braids and so on. So this is an engineering solution that has nothing to do with design.Thanks Etechng for knowledge sharing about cheap website design in nigeria 
    • 0
      I paraphrase your comment to make it clear:
      Obviously, the analogy with the site is incorrect. Initially, there was a functional requirement – the site should be universal, to serve a larger number of those who want to buy knives / scissors. And the big site had a requirement to sell big tools – swords / braids and so on. So this is an engineering solution that has nothing to do with design.

      A mobile application is also a kind of engineering solution .
      Design and engineering are not mutually exclusive concepts. Naobrot, almost to any engineering product, the designer puts his hand.

      Perhaps the next article will be about what design is. I have long wanted to write it.

      • 0
        No, the grinder had two different problems – how to sharpen something small and how to sharpen something big. He had no other options for solving these problems – because everything rested on the size of the grindstone. But to make the drive leg or hand – this is the functional design.
        • 0
          If so to judge, then this is not a functional design, but again an engineering solution. Earlier, in front of an engineer, the task was to speed up the sharpening of large tools (made a round stone and a slave twist the handle), and now the task is to reduce the cost of the work (get rid of excess mouth). And then there is a foot drive, now only one worker is needed.

          And if so judge, then the designer in this world has no place. Or, perhaps, a good designer is an engineer? Question raised by Teespire the best app design company in delaware

          Speaking of a good designer, I mean exactly the designer of the system, which solves a specific problem, and not the artist-designer who only chooses in which color to paint the machine.

          • 0

            Speaking of a good designer, I mean exactly the designer of the system, which solves a certain task, and not the artist-designer who only chooses in what color to paint the machine.

            brusher , you are absolutely right. Because design (another borrowed word) is translated as “design”. In the broadest sense of the word.

          • 0
            No. One person simply can not simultaneously sharpen and untwist a large stone, so there was a need for additional labor. Now, if the stone was untwisted not by the hands of a slave, but, for example, he would run along the bicycle path – this would be, indeed, another human interface.
          • 0
            I agree. In English, design has a wider meaning than we do.
      • 0

        Perhaps the next article will be about what design is. I have long wanted to write it.

        If this is not sarcasm, but the real intention, then write, please! )
        I’m interested)

  • 0
    What does UX have to do with design?
    • 0
      UX, by itself – no.
      UX design – direct.
      • 0
        What does UX-design have to do with design?
        • 0
          Design – design. To construct is to create, construct the construction of something, to compose, arrange, represent in one form or another.

          UX – User experience includes all the emotions, beliefs, preferences, feelings, physical and psychological reactions of the user, the behavior and achievements that occur before, during and after using the system.

          UX Design – design, create a design based on user experience, their emotions and preferences.

          • 0
            So why do you use the word “design” instead of “design” and “project” in translation?
            • 0
              If the question of why I use this word in the article, then I just explain the term. If I wrote: “What is UX / UI designing really,” it probably would not have to be explained. But at the same time there would certainly be those who would ask:
              – And what then is UX / UI design?
              • 0
                OK ))
  • 0

    The division into web designers and UX / UI designers appeared with the development of the Internet. Over time, more specialized specialists were needed, which would make interfaces for web sites.
    Yes, UI / UX design is a broader and more comprehensive concept than web design.

    And then what does a web designer do?

    • 0
      Best Web site design 🙂
      UX / UI designer is a broader concept. UX / UI design is not limited to sites only. This can be the design of the Xerox control panel or the dashboard in the airplane. Anything. It’s all interfaces. And the web is just the web. A web designer (implied by UX / UI for the web) deals only with the web. Because he is a narrower specialist.
      • 0
        That is, if the designer indicates that he is a UX / UI designer, then what industry does he have in mind?
        With a web designer is understandable)
        • 0
          Yes, it is desirable to clarify the industry.
          Of course, in case you are designing a dashboard design in airplanes, then most likely the person to whom you say this already knows what the speech is and the term UX / UI is not required at all.

          But if you take a more mundane example, then game developers have their own UX and UI designers. And in the web – their own. And each industry has its own specific nuances.

          But the general principles of developing the interface are the same for all.

          • 0
            Thank you )

            But the general principles of developing the interface are the same for all.

            Interesting ))

  • 0

    And the UI is the User Interface (verbatim “user interface”) – what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it gets. Determines what color your “product” will be, whether it will be convenient for a person to get a finger in the buttons, whether the text is readable and the like ..

    After this paragraph, the second time I doubted the author’s competence and stopped reading. It seems to me that you have no experience in product development or work on projects that are not limited to creating pages for a small business. In refuting my opinion, I will be glad to see a link to the portfolio.

  • 0
    A good article is clear and concise
    • -1
      Can not understand anything!
      • 0

        Even my mother understood.
        Before that, she thought that the interfaces are all that on the computer screen.

  • +1
    UX – this is where the
    UI steering wheel is located in the car – this is how the steering wheel looks.
    Bad UX-when the steering wheel is in the trunk.
    Bad UI-when the steering wheel is chrome. Especially bad on sunny days.
    A mixture of bad UX and UI – when the wheel of a brutal SUV is made in the form of a pink faloimitatora.
    Just everything.
  • +1
    “Recently, the popularization of the UX / UI profession of a designer has been associated more with the development of digital technologies. But that “boom” (when we began to see the term “UX / UI” in every second job announcement) is associated with the name itself, which someone came up with only recently. “

    The first official use of the term UX is referred to in 1993, when In Apple came Donald Norman to the position of UX Architect. He came up with the title of the post, and a little earlier – the very term User Experience defines how best webdesign firm abuja nigeria is.

    The term was associated with the development of computer interfaces and according to Norman’s thought should reflect the fact that in addition to purely functional studies – how the user will work more conveniently, it is necessary to predict and try to improve the emotional background of user interaction with the interface.

    The term went for a walk around the world from Apple’s bowels, and Jobs’s famous statements that the user should not just be easy to work with, the user should want to work with Apple devices – it’s all from the same opera.

    Nevertheless, the term was widely circulated among the people only after the phenomenal success of iPhones.
    Apparently, those involved in the industry began to understand, thanks to who appeared hrenovina, brought from the market competitors and it became obvious that the innovative interface was primarily a merit of peppers, which were called specialists in UX.
    After that, companies began to massively create UX-teams and in the day-fire to look for those who can really.

    • 0
      Cool, thanks for the information!
  • 0
    What is the difference between an ux / ui designer from a web designer? Is it necessary to separate separately from the professions of ux from ui?
    • 0

      What is the difference between an ux / ui designer from a web designer?

      “UX / UI design” is different from “web design” as well as “transport” is different from “car”. Web design is a narrower, specialized direction that is part of the UX / UI design, which is aimed exclusively at website design. And UX / UI design as a whole can include not only web design, but also ATM interface design, elevator control panel design or even a grindstone design …

      Is it necessary to separate separately from the professions of ux from ui?

      If you want, you can share. In this case (if we are talking about the web), the UX designer will develop navigation on the site, and the UI-designer will bluntly draw the buttons without thinking what each of them does.
      But in practice this is not common. More often it can be found in very large studios, where there are many people and everyone does their small part of the work.what is website design nigeria price ?

      • 0
        It’s all damp and wrong like that. In Russian, speaking ponty. There are also real engineers and interface designers, both in a more global sense, and in a narrowly specialized one, and as before they did without it and the terminology was normal for that. In the same article, it is written above that this term was introduced by someone from Apple for a loved one, sorry of course, well, monkeys and picked up.
      • 0
        Transport, cars in particular, but aircraft construction is the same transport, and shipping !? In general, the area is different! I mean, it’s all invented in order to confuse people and, in the long run, to bill more.

11 Must Have UI Design Trends in 2018

E-tech NG IT Solutions leading Web Design & ICT company in Abuja,Nigeria. We are Abuja’s website design and web application development company – cost effective quality.Website Designers in Lagos web portals,Cheap website design, affordable SEO firm, logo design

Design trends are often affected by the current mainstream media, technology development, fashion trends, etc., the design trend is generally slowly formed, step by step. Of course, as time goes on, it will also become backward in the same old and new alternation. 2018 design trends will continue to extend the design of 2017, but also added a lot of new ways, here we pull together. Thanks Etech ng web design company in abuja for sharing knowledge with us.

First look at the overall directory:

Flattening I believe we are already familiar with the core concepts of the concept: remove redundant, thick and complicated decorative effects, promote simple, clear, space, blank, etc., highlighting the core design elements. At present, many app are beginning to remove the extra lines, through the distance to pull the relationship; to icon is also a trend to become popular; these design activities are designed to allow users to use more intuitive and more purposeful, Satisfied aesthetic trends also allow minimalist ui design with a good user experience.

Second, larger and thicker fonts, leaving more white

I believe many of you have upgraded the new iPhone system, with the release of ios11, the new design trends have also become popular. If you are familiar with Material Design (hereinafter referred to as MD), ios and Android are slowly approaching the design. In flat design, text layout affects the clarity of the information display. Instead, create a clear information hierarchy by comparing the font size, word weight, spacing, and color of the text, without using too many decorative elements.

Similarly, Airbnb also adopted a rough title design. The headline text contains a set of text with pictures and descriptions, leaving a large margin between the texts. They appear to interfere with each other without causing the interface to appear loosely, thereby giving the user a very relaxing browsing experience .

(For some ecommerce apps in the country, I personally suspect that this approach is less likely because for those applications, the location within the page is relatively expensive and should not be wasted in large fonts). As per web designers in lagos nigeria its recommended UI.
Third, the page icon 3 kinds of design trends

1.icon icon changes from line to face

Since ios7, Apple standardized 2px linear icon; to ios10, the linear icon selected state into a background fill style; and in the current ios11, with a face icon, unchecked and selected state only the color of the distinction , And the icon is more rounded, the current design, foreign app use more, the domestic is relatively rare, using more styles ios10.

2. Icon icon to add dynamic, more interesting
At present, many apps have given the icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the page with a micro-effect, this type of action plays the role of the finishing touch, not too noticed, perceived to make the user feel very interesting, such as Ali Taobao, Rookie wrapped … I think the goose factory QQ doing the most interesting, the bottom tab bar icon not only micro-effect, but the smile of the icon will automatically turn to be clicked side, and long press the icon to move it will also be based on Turn the direction of the fingers, very interesting, in line with the current 95 after 00 users mindset.

3.icon’s characterization is more and more important
At present, the design of the icon is not only satisfied with conciseness and understanding, but also the detail design is very important. In the color can be a gradient, the linear icon can also be compared with the color, etc., will appear icon is carefully designed to bring the user’s experience will be a grade.

Fourth, the combination of card + projection
The ios11 features a large fillet card design that is no longer as rigid as the fillet in the MD, making the design more light and atmospheric. I believe we have seen a lot of cards are used in the projection of this approach, a slight, it seems like no projection, will not be immediately aware of the user, but will give the design to increase the depth of the formation of cascading relationship, more eye-catching, better To seize the user’s attention.

Fifth, the gradient of course is still very popular
Gradient is one of the biggest trends this year, starting in 16 years, Instagram will change its logo into a gradual change of color, the trend began to pop, the domestic app also began to follow, the current status bar Taobao, QQ is to use their own Brand color gradient. In the design of gradient color, to make the transition of color soft, bright colors, to avoid blunt, you can effectively enhance the user experience.

Six, 3D effect is popular
C4D hot this year, I believe we have felt this year, a lot of businesses have used a lot of double 11 3D effects, and some also added the effect, allowing you to all-round, multi-angle, more real observation of goods. C4D designers still do not know, in order to enhance your competitiveness, it is necessary to learn it, after all, technology is not over.

Seven, the style of illustration is also a general trend

The use of illustrator style is more and more widely, which is suitable for start page, default page, banner picture, head picture, pop-up illustration, icon and so on in the app. The app should be integrated with the app’s overall style, fun, rich Creative illustration will allow users to greatly enhance the feel of the app.

btw, this year’s more popular Memphis style design, I personally like it, see the major brands in the subway station hanging out the poster is very eye-catching. The style is more vivid colors, lively, more use of highly saturated colors, estimated 18 years will continue to pop.

Eight, interactive effect has been very important
Interaction effect More and more used in ui design, its role for product design includes: the transfer of hierarchical and state information, the good effect should be invisible, in order to improve availability as a precondition to enhance the experience for the purpose. Some of its features: fast and smooth, just right feedback, enhance the operating experience, provide a good visual effect.

Nine, the application of dynamic video
1. Start page of the small video

The general use of small video in the startup page for the first time to open the app scene, a strong sense of substitution for the user, can well affect the user’s emotions, but the video should not be too long.

2. From dynamic images into dynamic video

The dynamic picture that has been popular since 16th, namely: cinemagraph, has also been popular for a while in 17 years. It is commonly found in WeChat with the core of a small number of dynamic elements in the picture. It seems to give pictures life more beautiful and closer to reality.

In order to attract more users’ attention, mobile banner design uses dynamic video to show, while Taobao product details page will also place dynamic video effects, convenient 360-degree view of goods, stimulate your desire to chop hand.

Other pages will also be placed on the home page of high-quality, story-telling video that will make your website unique. Website designer in abuja is providing affordable design services and sharing information and web training.

Ten, responsive design
With the growth of the mobile terminal, the mobile phone has surpassed the pc as the first choice for daily browsing websites. Since Google introduced the MD responsive grid system, due to the high labor costs, most of the domestic web pages have failed to do so. The response-based design Website: Youtube, Spotify, Behance … Domestic Jingdong, Tencent video and so on. This responsive design is certainly a bit more complicated, but the trend continues all the time, with products and companies still having to do what they want.

Eleven, VR / AR / VUI is the future trend

As we all know, now VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) fire, both of them are the core of computer vision. VR is currently used in the entertainment field, and AR will really affect our work and life, more for multimedia, marketing, education and so on.

17 Spring Festival Alipay VR looking for red envelopes, meituxiu Sau, and other popular photo software functions, such interaction is a stronger sense of substitution of the user experience better.

From the development of Siri, Amazon Echo, Google home, Xiaobing and so on, VUI (Voice User Interface) is a new field that is different from GUI and will be designed based on “Dialogue” and presented to the user mainly for speaking and listening . VUI is the most natural and most convenient way to interact, but it will not completely replace the GUI, but rather better collaboration.

These areas are relatively new for designers, but also the early stages of development, we need to keep learning attitude, enhance their competitiveness.


Research Guide us with these Must know, Web Design Latest Techniques

TeeSpire is corporate image design studio is the rise of the 2017 new cutting-edge design strength, is the exclusive business image of USA Chamber of Commerce design studio. We are committed to the brand image design, brand LOGO design, VIS design, VIS system import and implementation, corporate album design, website construction promotion, packaging design, shopping malls stores, logo display system design, design style simple and full of spirituality. Best Raleigh Web Design

What is good web design

(1) Content and function to determine the form of expression and interface design
often get the task is a small note, the above two sentences, told you to do a website design. Some people look at the paper to go to the design page with, with two sentences, you can do a page for the customer design to 7-8 years of design experience, I do not dare to do, you really my Idol

Do web design, you need to understand the customer a lot of things:
1, the purpose of establishment of the station
2, forms and functions of each section of the column and planning requirements
3, the main color, sex preferences of customers, contacts, legacy URL, URL preference
4, according to Industry and customer requirements, those who want to focus on performance
5, whether the formation of the stage, consider the latter part of the compatibility
6, whether the customer has a strong desire to build
7, whether you can control the customer in the spirit of mind
8, face you do not contact the technology Knowledge, are you at the end?

When you know these things are cleared, your brain has been to the site has a comprehensive and image of the positioning, then it is targeted to do the interface design time.

(2) Interface weakened

A good interface to design its interface is weakened, it highlights the function, highlighting the website industry is provided to the user is the main thing. This involves browsing order, functional partitioning, and so on.

To make visitors within 0.5 can grasp the nature of the site industry, within 1 second to know where to start using the site, can point this, never the second time. Of course, the above is said that most of the functional sites, for the declaration of publicity sites, such as special effects or Flash website, may have to fancy some, but not too much. Web site is not an animated film, in the increasingly efficient, more and more impetuous psychology of China, people’s patience is getting smaller and smaller, psychological capacity is getting lower and lower. Effect can reflect the mood, point to date. Mobile App Development Raleigh nc

(3) Modular and modifiable

Modularity can not only improve the reuse, but also a unified website style, but also can reduce the intensity of program development. Here to design some of the size, modulus, tolerance, naming and so on the knowledge, and no longer redundant.

Whether it is architecture or module or picture, should consider the modified and strong. Give a simple example, logo, buttons, etc., many people like to make pictures, N buttons is N pictures. If only 3-5 class button background picture, and then used in the page code marked with text, then modify it is simple, so that programmers can change their own words. However, the page shows the font is with a jagged, and that can be clear and beautiful to ensure that there are several types of font font size:

Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px |

(4) creative is shameful, analytical ability is more important than creative

Design community to talk about what “creative”, I want to say is that there is no clear meaning of the contents of the meaning, not yet in the technical production on the basis of perfection to work, with creativity and special effects to confuse customers and visitors are shameful of. A network is also the designer’s ability to analyze much more important than creative.

(5) Take care or abandon

CSS, XHTML, web2.0, Ajax and so on rain to learn advanced technology is good, but for the current domestic low level of common awareness, determines the customer’s needs and prices are quite low. Before, it is said that the economic decision network is also designed, so sometimes, is not allowed to make more of your balance, abandon and give up is also a move.

(D) the end, sent my “simple web design concept”

(A) the basic concept of web color

(1) black and white is the eternal theme, no one can say no good to come

(2) the most popular web page color
blue – blue sky and white clouds, quiet and clean colors.
Green – green and white, elegant and angry.
· Orange – lively and warm, standard commercial tones.
Dark red – rather heavy, serious, noble, need to black and gray to suppress the red stimulus,

(3) color of the taboo
bogey – background and text content is not strong, dark background is depressing!
Bogey pure – bright color of the human stimulation is too strong protest, lack of content.
Bogey – no matter how good the color, nor from the whole. Out of the masses is self-disgrace!
Bogey – there must be a main color through which the main color and the area from time to time the largest color, but the most important, most reveal and reflect the theme of color, like the leader, although the number of people in the few, but Play a decisive role.
Bogey powder – the color is light and obvious, but if the contrast is too weak, the whole was pale and weak, as sick as incurable. Web Developer Raleigh nc
· Blue bogey pure, green bogey yellow, red bogey.

(4) several fixed with
blue and white orange – blue as the main tone. White, blue title bar, orange button or ICON do embellishment.
Green White – Green is the main theme. White, green title bar, blue or orange button or ICON do embellishment.
· Orange white red – orange as the main tone. White, orange title bar, dark red or orange button or ICON do embellishment.
Dark red – dark red tone. Black or gray at the end, dark red title bar, the text content background is light gray.

(2) web design concept

(1) content decision form

First enrich the content, and then block, and then set the tone, and then deal with the details.

(2) the first overall, after the local, and finally return to the whole.

Global consideration, to fill in the fill, accounted for the location. And then set the tone, sub-module design. Finally adjust the few local details of dissatisfaction.

(3) function to determine the direction of design

To see the purpose of the site, to determine the design ideas. Commercial to highlight the purpose of profit; government-type should highlight the image and authoritative articles; educational, we must highlight the teachers and courses.

(C) how to complete the design work quickly and efficiently

(1) a copy of the world article. To see you will not copy copy Copy of the Road is thinking, thinking, local exquisite embellishment.

In the online search for similar sites, to find a few pleasing to the eye, with a basic Rantu, the advantages of a few into their own, so the most efficient and efficient, but also a result, can learn a lot of things.

(2) on the design forum, find reference materials.

TeeSpire corporate image design studio is committed to customers to solve the problems facing the rich to the brand service experience and international vision to provide customers with brand design, conceptual creativity, interactive process to visual performance of the complete user experience design, and strive to achieve the design The results of the optimization, to meet its unique competitiveness in the market and the impact of the pursuit of the perfect combination of art and business; so that customers more beautiful products, more refined, more professional, make it more vitality and influence, and in Similar products stand out.


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