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What is good web design

(1) Content and function to determine the form of expression and interface design
often get the task is a small note, the above two sentences, told you to do a website design. Some people look at the paper to go to the design page with, with two sentences, you can do a page for the customer design to 7-8 years of design experience, I do not dare to do, you really my Idol

Do web design, you need to understand the customer a lot of things:
1, the purpose of establishment of the station
2, forms and functions of each section of the column and planning requirements
3, the main color, sex preferences of customers, contacts, legacy URL, URL preference
4, according to Industry and customer requirements, those who want to focus on performance
5, whether the formation of the stage, consider the latter part of the compatibility
6, whether the customer has a strong desire to build
7, whether you can control the customer in the spirit of mind
8, face you do not contact the technology Knowledge, are you at the end?

When you know these things are cleared, your brain has been to the site has a comprehensive and image of the positioning, then it is targeted to do the interface design time.

(2) Interface weakened

A good interface to design its interface is weakened, it highlights the function, highlighting the website industry is provided to the user is the main thing. This involves browsing order, functional partitioning, and so on.

To make visitors within 0.5 can grasp the nature of the site industry, within 1 second to know where to start using the site, can point this, never the second time. Of course, the above is said that most of the functional sites, for the declaration of publicity sites, such as special effects or Flash website, may have to fancy some, but not too much. Web site is not an animated film, in the increasingly efficient, more and more impetuous psychology of China, people’s patience is getting smaller and smaller, psychological capacity is getting lower and lower. Effect can reflect the mood, point to date. Mobile App Development Raleigh nc

(3) Modular and modifiable

Modularity can not only improve the reuse, but also a unified website style, but also can reduce the intensity of program development. Here to design some of the size, modulus, tolerance, naming and so on the knowledge, and no longer redundant.

Whether it is architecture or module or picture, should consider the modified and strong. Give a simple example, logo, buttons, etc., many people like to make pictures, N buttons is N pictures. If only 3-5 class button background picture, and then used in the page code marked with text, then modify it is simple, so that programmers can change their own words. However, the page shows the font is with a jagged, and that can be clear and beautiful to ensure that there are several types of font font size:

Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px | Arial Black 12px |

(4) creative is shameful, analytical ability is more important than creative

Design community to talk about what “creative”, I want to say is that there is no clear meaning of the contents of the meaning, not yet in the technical production on the basis of perfection to work, with creativity and special effects to confuse customers and visitors are shameful of. A network is also the designer’s ability to analyze much more important than creative.

(5) Take care or abandon

CSS, XHTML, web2.0, Ajax and so on rain to learn advanced technology is good, but for the current domestic low level of common awareness, determines the customer’s needs and prices are quite low. Before, it is said that the economic decision network is also designed, so sometimes, is not allowed to make more of your balance, abandon and give up is also a move.

(D) the end, sent my “simple web design concept”

(A) the basic concept of web color

(1) black and white is the eternal theme, no one can say no good to come

(2) the most popular web page color
blue – blue sky and white clouds, quiet and clean colors.
Green – green and white, elegant and angry.
· Orange – lively and warm, standard commercial tones.
Dark red – rather heavy, serious, noble, need to black and gray to suppress the red stimulus,

(3) color of the taboo
bogey – background and text content is not strong, dark background is depressing!
Bogey pure – bright color of the human stimulation is too strong protest, lack of content.
Bogey – no matter how good the color, nor from the whole. Out of the masses is self-disgrace!
Bogey – there must be a main color through which the main color and the area from time to time the largest color, but the most important, most reveal and reflect the theme of color, like the leader, although the number of people in the few, but Play a decisive role.
Bogey powder – the color is light and obvious, but if the contrast is too weak, the whole was pale and weak, as sick as incurable. Web Developer Raleigh nc
· Blue bogey pure, green bogey yellow, red bogey.

(4) several fixed with
blue and white orange – blue as the main tone. White, blue title bar, orange button or ICON do embellishment.
Green White – Green is the main theme. White, green title bar, blue or orange button or ICON do embellishment.
· Orange white red – orange as the main tone. White, orange title bar, dark red or orange button or ICON do embellishment.
Dark red – dark red tone. Black or gray at the end, dark red title bar, the text content background is light gray.

(2) web design concept

(1) content decision form

First enrich the content, and then block, and then set the tone, and then deal with the details.

(2) the first overall, after the local, and finally return to the whole.

Global consideration, to fill in the fill, accounted for the location. And then set the tone, sub-module design. Finally adjust the few local details of dissatisfaction.

(3) function to determine the direction of design

To see the purpose of the site, to determine the design ideas. Commercial to highlight the purpose of profit; government-type should highlight the image and authoritative articles; educational, we must highlight the teachers and courses.

(C) how to complete the design work quickly and efficiently

(1) a copy of the world article. To see you will not copy copy Copy of the Road is thinking, thinking, local exquisite embellishment.

In the online search for similar sites, to find a few pleasing to the eye, with a basic Rantu, the advantages of a few into their own, so the most efficient and efficient, but also a result, can learn a lot of things.

(2) on the design forum, find reference materials.

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Stay Alert, Safe, and Linked with IoT

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, with the emergence of IOT, Security and digital service enablement with full internet protection is the main concern that tech geeks are working rigorously on to offer safe connectivity to smart devices. HybridMedia Works that is well reputed Web Development Company Islamabad is helping customers to use such services and secure their businesses.

There is a catch!!! 


In every business and especially in Web related like eCommerce or online trade, Trust is an essential element of good relationship with customers. When it comes to Internet security, our customers trust us not only with their personal information, but they also expect us to help them stay safe in all other aspects of their digital life, whether that be in private or in business.

Comprehensive protection

The market offers many individual solutions for each online threat customers are facing, but with HybridMedia Works Safe android, web and graphic designing solutions, clients can have comprehensive protection in just one product. Isn’t it what we needed in this IoT era ?


“Web Safety is the result of our endeavours to offer business customers an innovative product which satisfies their business needs and, at the same time, advances business cooperation. Says CEO of HybridMedia Works.

Graphic Designer in Islamabad along with network security experts are in the right direction which are bringing customers in a secure digital life. Hybridmedia Works which is also Android Development Company has aimed to make a safe digital environment for customers, whereby they encourage internet use and, consequently, further development of the business environment.

An exciting direction

Another example of firm which is also working on the same lines to help the world to get digitized but with foolproof protection. That firm is IkonicSolution a Software House in Islamabad which is working hard over the last years in Cloud Services to make the IoT possible.

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Operating System Security Challenge , Threats the Linux OS faces

Operating system security is the basic requirement for ensuring proper running of servers and legal user operations. A vulnerable operating system is an easy target for hackers, worm viruses, Horse virus and other threats, thus leading to problems such as the network service interruption, information loss, data damage and low running efficiency. The SuSE Linux 10 operating system is adopted by data centers and large corporate servers like HybridmediaWorks Web Development Company Islamabad. The related security policies and measures consist of four aspects: OS installation setting, OS patches, OS strengthening and OS log management.

Analysis of OS Security Threats

The threats the Linux OS faces are classified into two categories: personal attacks (hacker attacks) and programmed attacks (such as Worm, Horse and other viruses). OS leakages, insecure accounts or passwords and improper configuration and operation all make it easy for hackers, Worm, Horse and other viruses to access and endanger the Linux OS.

The threats the Linux OS faces are as follows:

  • Personal attacks

Currently, the Linux OS is confronted with personal attacks in most cases. The hacker can attack the system by using the leakage of the OS or application system, weak account password and the configuration defect. When seizing the super user control right of the system, the hacker can damage and embezzle important files and data in the system, severely threatening the ICT network services.

  • Programmed attacks

Programmed attacks refer to computer viruses. Computer viruses include the executable file virus, Worm virus, script virus and backdoor program.

So HybridmediaWorks Website Designer in Islamabad recommends following steps need to taken to avoid OS vulnerability

What factors make Linux like OS vulnerable ?

What is Common Troubleshooting Protocol of IP Network ?

In continuity of our subject Layer wise Troubleshooting Technique of Complex IP Network :

 Let’s move ahead in this learning. We have learned so far

Common Troubleshooting Protocol of IP Network

  • Layering ( Covered in our previous post – Click here )

Remaining points are covered here

  • Chunking
  • Segmenting
  • Replacing


As per HybridMedia Works Website Designer in Rawalpindi ,Chunking is the second best way to dig out fault in IP network. Using the display current-configuration command, you can view the structure of the configuration file of the router.

The configuration file is composed of:

  • Global configuration
  • Physical interface configuration
  • Logic interface configuration
  • Routing configuration

The configuration file can also be divided into the following sections:

  • Administrative section: includes the router name, password, service and log
  • Port section: includes the address, encapsulation, cost and authentication
  • The routing protocol: includes the static route, RIP, OSPF, BGP and routes importing
  • The policy: includes the routing policy, policy-based routing and security configuration
  • Accessing section: includes the main console, Telnet login and dialing
  • Other applications section: includes the VPN configuration and QoS application

The preceding classification provides a rough framework for the fault location. You can categorize a fault and thus narrow down the possible causes of the fault.

For example, the output of the display ip routing-table command contains only the direct route. Where does the fault occur?

Chunking the configuration file, you can locate three sections that may lead to the fault.

  • The routing protocol: If the routing protocol is not configured or configured incorrectly, the routing table may be null.
  • The routing policy: If the access list is set incorrectly, the routing table may not be updated normally.
  • The port: If the interface address or mask or authentication is set incorrectly, the fault may occur in the routing table.


Roadmap of Segmenting

Expert of ikonicsolution Web Designing in Islamabad says that If two router that span the line provided by the ICT office cannot communicate with each other, the segmenting method can be adopted.

You can inspect the following sections to locate the fault:

  • The section between the host and the LAN interface on the router
  • The section between the router and the CSU/DSU interface
  • The section between the CSU/DSU interface and the interface of the telecommunication office
  • WAN circuit
  • The router


Replacing is a common method used to identify the hardware failure.

For example, if you suspect that the fault lies on the network cable or interface module, you can replace the cable or module with another one in good condition.