What Are Very Easy Image Optimization Strategies?

Let’s say you are designing poster ads for a huge client base and they limit you that all sign board graphics have a 10K limit that means file should not go beyond 10 kilobytes in size. Although such scenario is quite common in the business, so what would you do? HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad is going to share  few tricks with you for making this task done .

Apart from the file type or image, there are some essential approaches to keep in mind for off-putting file size. In nut shell they are:

Bound dimensions

Even though quite obvious, the easiest method to maintain file size down is to limit the size of the image itself. There aren’t any magical tricks; just make the images as per given size as they need to be. Simple way is to eliminate additional gap in the graphic in Figure, you would be able to decrease the file size by 3K (23%).


Use again and Reprocess

For same image to be used in the site the best way is to craft only one image file and point to it repetitively where it is desired. It would reduce additional download and let the browser to take benefit of the cached image.

Compressed Design

Another strategy for creation files as little as possible is to devise for proficient compression. That means GIF less intense likes even colors, it’s not good idea to design GIF imagery with gradient color mix together when it is sufficed to use flat color. Likewise, since JPEG likes flexible changeover and no hard boundaries, you can attempt tactically blur imagery, saved in JPEG format. Ikonicsolution Web Designing in Islamabad also suggests that

Web Graphics tools are best

For image optimization if you will be doing plenty of web creation efforts. It is also has worth to invest in image-editing tools, software like Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop. Keeping file size as small as possible is the art in making web graphics which needs above mentioned strategies


You know all about Children and Digital Bullying Experiences don’t you? These Questions might Reflect Differently.

Digital or Cyber Bullying

You must have known that term bullying which is being spoiled either by words or actions, poor feeling because of it, and has a hard time preventing it from happening. Digital bullying is electronic communication used to intimidate a person by sending messages of menacing nature. Sending cruel text messages or emails, spreading rumors by email or posting on social networking sites, and posting embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles are some of the ways a child can be digitally bullied



Digital Bullying isn’t just a theme for which organizations are working. It’s a key focus area for HybridMediaWorks Web Development Company Rawalpindi as millions of young explorers in our markets come online and initiate their digital journey.

The question is, though: do we as human being in technical or digital world understand the subject and talk about it with our own children, or children we know? Do we acknowledge that our perception of a child problem may be different from the child’s reality? Are we thinking enough about the scale, scope and impact digital bullying has or could have on children?


We have started journey of knowledge sharing in this context and survey is designed in such manner that will help ask the right questions!

HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad is fully aware of its responsibilities as a dependable organization to help the society by giving knowledge to the generation.

It’s important to note, too, that it’s not just for parents. ‘If you have a child in your life at all, a niece, nephew, godchild etc, you should take the survey. ‘Send the survey to children you know as well. Your efforts might just help a parent feel comfortable talking to their child about digital bullying or vice a versa.’

Survey would take only 02 min


Do Your Actions Inspire Others to Become More ? You are a Leader

Area Sales Managers are the front line of any business; they are the ones who connect to the customers and build the reputation of the company. To help them combat the various challenges they face in their journey of managing, developing and motivating their teams, the Leadership Rewiring program is being required.

With the upcoming of IoT ,Digital Leadership is emerged as a new foundation pillar in today’s business like HybridMediaWorks Website designer in Rawalpindi. In the current VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, the leaders face new sets of challenges everyday with not just helping themselves manage and adapt to the changing environment but also to help their teams maneuver through this.”

With such inputs from the global experts, ICT business leaders and sales questionnaire results will help us determine the specifics of the new program.

HybridMediaWorks  Web development company Rawalpindi  proposed  The two phase program designed for Area Sales Manager ASMs to help them to manage people in this fast paced world and equip them with skills and values that are required to make the transition from managing people to leading teams. The leadership toolkit will help them to not direct, but win the team over to their points of view. It will help them not dictate, but inspire and empower!


Employees are not told what to do but as managers and leaders we need to engage with them, assist them in reaching their goals. This program will equip business managers on the ‘how to’ of leading than managing; and as a result, making employees a vital part of the organization’s future.

With valuable inputs from business leaders across ICT, the program is restricted to “need to haves” rather than “good to haves”, removing the leadership theories and making it practically applicable to this audience.

Program should consists of  following critical study areas:

  • Leadership Rewiring: Managing to Leading
  • Building Organizational Capability
  • Collaboration & Influencing
  • Change Leadership
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Leadership Behaviors
  • Team Dynamics
  • Managing Change
  • Problem Solving & Judgement

Installation Quality Check list For Secure and Stable Operation of the Server Client System

Installation Quality Check list For secure and stable Operation of the Server Client System helps to grow business ultimately


The installation position of the cabinet must be correct, and meet the requirements in the engineering design drawing.

The grounding cables should be correctly installed.

HybridmediaWorks is best one of the best Web Development Company Rawalpindi is providing this state of the art installation checklist
No other objects are in the cabinet.

The egress hole on the top of the cabinet for cables must face against the cable routing trough in the equipment room.

The cabinet reinforce must be properly installed. Check whether the screws are tightened.

After installing the cabinet fixing parts, screw tight the fastening bolts.

The anti-static wrist strip is still exclusively available.

The circuit boards must be able to be inserted and removed smoothly.

Insulation pads and plates must be installed.

Doors and locks must be closed and opened smoothly.

Cabinets must be labeled.

Blank front panels and cover plates must be installed.

There should be no distorted parts in the equipment.

The surfaces of each row of cabinets should be co-planed. The cabinets should be tightly and orderly arranged in a regular manner.

The closed side doors along the walkway should be lined up with a deviation less than 5 mm after all cabinet doors along the main walkway are installed.

HybridmediaWorks is well known Android Development Company Islamabad which is helping us to share this helping material with us.
The screws between the bracket and the ground, the bracket and the cabinet, must be installed in a correct manner. Verify that all required screws are installed firmly. The flat washer and the spring washer must be installed in the correct order.

There should be no paint falling or dirt that affects the equipment appearance. If there is any, clear the dirt or patch the paint.

Take an overall observation of the cabinets. The cabinets should be aligned neatly and tightly with a vertical deviation less than 3 mm. The front of all the cabinets in a row should be aligned in a straight line. So is the rear.

If vendor delivers supports and cabinets with insulating accessories, insulation should be guaranteed between the cabinets and supports. For self-made bases, insulation with the floor or with the cabinet are recommended.

Hardware and Software Security of NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with best practices

This topic describes the suggestions on running security. To ensure the normal running of the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, you need to follow the precautions for software and hardware operations.

Hybridmediaworks Website Designer in Islamabad is sharing this very important information to you

Network Management System Operation

Precautions for Hardware Operations

To make sure that the hardware operations are normal, note the following:

  • Configure independent uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM server. This can avoid some serious problems such as hardware damage, system restoration failure, and data loss caused by abnormal power failure. If the independent UPS cannot be configured for the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM server, normally shut down the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM application and then the database, before the administrator cuts the power upon a power cut notification.
  • You need to follow the normal method to shut down the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in any case. Do not run the halt command to power off the hardware or switch off. Otherwise, the system fails to be restored.
  • To avoid network communication interruption, check the network communication status daily according to routine maintenance items.
  • Keep the equipment room clean, dustproof and moistureproof.

Network Management System Security

Precautions for Software Operations

Ikonicsolution Web Hosting Company in Islamabad suggests:

To make sure that the software operations are normal, note the following:

  •  Do not run the reboot or init command to restart the system. Otherwise , a fault of the system occurs.
  • Do not press power switch off button. Otherwise , a fault of the system occurs.
  • After the system installation and configuration, do not install any patch for the system.
  • Do not install any unnecessary software on the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM server.
  • Do not enable irrelevant services or the Telnet authority and FTP authority of user root.
  • Do not browse web pages on the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM server or set unnecessary shared paths. Make sure that the authority of the shared path is already set.
  • Do not use other computers or laptop computers to access the same network as the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM server accesses. In this way, conflict of IP addresses and virus infection can be avoided.
  • Classify authorities of the operating system (OS), database and NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM passwords by level, and distribute the passwords to persons in charge of maintenance only. The administrator password should be controlled by the person in charge of maintenance only, based on strict management and well-defined power and responsibility.
  • Hybridmediaworks  Website Designer in Islamabad recommends these precautions

Network Management System

  • In the High Availability system, you can run the applications of the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at only the primary site in normal cases. The secondary site is for backup. If you run the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at both the primary and secondary sites, serious abnormality occurs.
  • In the High Availability system, do not perform operations involving a large amount of data during the complete data synchronization between the primary and secondary sites. For example, do not search for trails, search for protection subnets, or query the networkwide alarms. Otherwise, the performance of the entire NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HA system is affected.
  • Regularly check and test the NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to Maintenance Item List and record the results. Handle problems in time. For any problems that fail to be handled, contact the local office or customer service center.

How to Figure it out ? What does Customer Really Want ?

Just sit in a peaceful environment lonely and imagine calmly as being a customer of any product or services what exactly you would be taking as a top most priority in a list of requirements. For as long as I experienced this imaginary world by listening to heart, its innovation that has been a top priority—and a top thwarting—for leaders. As per McKinsey survey, 84% of worldwide executives stated that innovation is extremely important for business growth and strategies are made around it. Amazingly 94% are dissatisfied with their company’s innovation performance according to McKinsey.HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Islamabad leading media house has also run a poll and as per their findings most people are with the view that vast majority of novelties faraway from ambitions.

Innovative Hybridmediaworks
When we were in the age of paper this makes no logic. Customer insight was never so easy in manual era neither have businesses branded more about their customers. It’s all due to the revolution in the data Thanks to the revolutionist web,internet,software engineers.Corporations now can assemble massive range and volume of customer information, at unparalleled speed, and accomplish refined analyses of it. HybridMediaWorks Graphic Designer in Rawalpindi like many organizations have established organized, controlled advance processes and brought in highly skillful talent which are leading the business from the front.These companies have business intelligence units which carefully compute and alleviate innovations’ risks. Those organizations like hybrid media works who have known the secret of customer requirement they have mastered exact, scientific process. Innovation is still embarrassingly hit or miss for most of the firms.

Today’s parents should be Digitally Savvy parents

  • Technical gurus should launch workshops to educate about digital. And a point nears the wreckage. Parents must be cognizant
  • In 3rd world 80%  of parents indicate that the signal that you’re on the Internet that hard.
  • 90% of  parents agree that there is very little knowledge about the Internet. 

Hybridmediaworks Website Designer in Islamabad is also initiating in this regard to launch workshops and knowledge sharing sessions  for Parents to set them in digital age and let the upcoming generation give headstart.Its need of time to understand cyberspace.Its more important to narrow the gap of generation for the sake of living in technology era .Being Web development organization we believe in giving society what society has given us a lot of blessings.One of them is living in this Web digital era

Website Designer in Islamabad and digital savvy parents

Doctors and Engineers together can start Project Safe that is an idea which can rule the world. Internet is a project that Hybridmediaworks Video Production Company Islamabad is particularly intended to show social responsibility as an Internet and web service provider. Therefore, activity continuous Recent activities in which Parent Workshop  for the first time In order to balance the books to provide parents and children with the basic knowledge to understand and understand cyberspace. This is what parents inevitable because it is the era in which we are moving towards digital infrastructures. So this event is to educate and around more to urge parents to Parent Digitally Savvy , literally , with the content.