How to Develop Software Reliability ?

Software reliability is one of the main concerns that software developers have in their soft developing journey.In this post we have described the software reliability design adopted by various designers like hybridmediaworks Website Designer in Islamabad is one such example.
Professional designers strictly follow the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) procedures throughout the development of the Software, from requirement analysis, system design to software test. Code walk-through, inspection, review, unit test, system test, and other useful quality assurance measures taken in the development improve the reliability of the software considerably.
Protective Measures
As per experts of Hybrdimediaworks Animation Agency Islamabad software must applies a modular structure in hierarchical mode. All software modules are developed based on a loose coupling mechanism, minimizing a faulty module’s impact on other modules. In addition, the software added with functions of detecting, isolating, and correcting errors; in an emergency condition, the designed software can provide an approach for quickly locating the faults.

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Fault Tolerance
To prevent impact on the system by certain software faults, the secure software adopts the following measures for the key software:
•    Scheduled detection
•    Real-time monitoring of tasks
•    Storage protection
•    Data check
•    Saving of operation logs
These measures improve the fault tolerance of the software, that is, the self-healing ability in the case of software error.
Supporting Hot Patches
Sometimes the host software must be modified when its running in order to remove system bugs, add new functions, and adhere to service requirements. The traditional way is to stop the site for upgrading. This, however, affects the service processing and communication quality. The Site should support installation of hot patches to the host software. In this way, the host software can be upgraded without interrupting the services, thus improving the availability and user experience.


Course Content for Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

A question is asked by many professionals about Course Content for Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.We have get the market insight with the help of hybridmediaworks that is a team of Website Designer in Rawalpindi.According to them here is the optimum course outline

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By the end of the course, participant will be able to:
•    Explore ASP.NET Web applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
•    Create Web applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft .NET–based languages.
•    Create a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form.
•    Add functionality to a Microsoft ASP.NET Web Form.
•    Implement master pages and user controls.
•    Validate user input.
•    Debug Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications.
•    Manage data in an ASP.NET 3.5 Web application.
•    Manage data access tasks by using LINQ.
•    Manage data by using ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
•    Create a Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX application.
•    Consume and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.
•    Manage state in Web applications.
•    Configure and deploy a Microsoft ASP.NET Web application.
•    Secure a Microsoft ASP.NET Web application.
•    Implement new technologies supported by Visual Studio 2013 for Web development.

What are the prerequisite for this course:

As per hybridmediaworks Web Development Company Islamabad , before attending this course, students must have :  –

At least one month of experience in .NET technologies. In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should have the following technical knowledge:
•    Knowledge of HTML or DHTML, including:
•    Tables
•    Images
•    Forms
•    Programming experience using Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET, including:
•    Declaring variables
•    Using loops
•    Using conditional statements

We are amazed to get Positive results from customers but How ?

Breaking the myth that Customer Service is a one way service and always need customers to walk up to service providers. Just take innovative step in bringing the customer service at the doorsteps of its customers.According to Hybridmediaworks Graphic Designer in Rawalpindi customer service is the core of their business.

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This is the key to regular and sustained growth in the competitive market. The customers are most of the times are unaware of the new products and services and they are needing awareness throughout the way till getting used to the product you provide. Whether its online service providing, web development, website designing , hardware repair service providing , digital marketing or android development what ever the domain you pick , is demanding to meet the customer at their door steps now.Hybridmediaworks Website Designer in Rawalpindi is one such example. They put their customers first.Customer satisfaction is their utmost need.
Making it easy for the customers
Following impactful steps can be done in this regard
•    The team should get the customers with FAQs
•    Give the same level of attention to each customer and make in-person calls to these customers.
•    Listen to the customers carefully , understand their demand and try to provide them instant solution
•    Customer benefits are ours. Help them and get the same result. Win Win

Positive results flowing in.
It is important for us to assist customers individually and help them go through the difficulties with proactive approach

Want to be an Entrepreneur? Animation creation business is feasibly you are looking for

Entrepreneurship word is all over the world in every creative mind. Every skilled, experienced professional knocking the gates of self organizing world and to become a triumphant businessman or businesswoman in specific field with new ideas, innovative way and with unique style.

Animation creation business has got a lot of potential. Our lives are surrounded with Movies, Cartoon series, video games, Adds etc. This field has got a lot of gaps that yet to filled and demand is ever growing with every passing day. We have researched on Animation production business and asked from the experts in this domain like Hybridmediaworks Animation Agency Islamabad .After that research we came up with viability. The prime purpose of the pre-feasibility study is mainly to make easy for potential entrepreneurs in animation production business.

Animation Production House

Digital animation comprises a fundamental part in general digital media industry has become one of the fastest growing business line. The requirement of animated content has amplified in domestic and international markets due to raise in the numbers and broadcasting hours in print media like by cable and satellite television. More and more popularity, dependence on the internet and social media is one driving factor for animation production houses like Video Production Company Islamabad. Now a day animatronics is not only restricted just to create cartoon series but it has become a vital tool in creating visual objects such as movies, videos, and games.

Corporate world is also reliant on animated content for advertising campaigns of their products and services along with modeling campaigns. Education is one such big domain which is also getting benefited from Animation. Lectures with animated videos especially in engineering and medical universities , have been used as a tool for education and a new experience of ‘edutainment’. World has gone through a revolution in electronic media with the emergence of broad adoption , thousands of T.V channels, and smart phone ownership has created gigantic requirement for animation video production houses. So with this up surge domestic and international demand, animation development and its related fields are rewarding area for entrepreneurial endeavor.

Explore and Execute Your Dreams of Living in Digital World

This is the post excerpt.

Lives are changing rapidly from analog to digital world.This change in lifestyle enable us to use the web and android to digitize our lives and let us live even better day by day.We are heading towards more convenient and easy way of living.This change has increased enormously the demand of web , internet and android use.Lives are so enriched with use of these technologies that its getting hard to imagine living without them in this age.
Android has driven the web and internet to new and even higher level.Web development and android based application designing and development has become multi-billion dollar industry now.
Even developing countries are producing organizations and professionals who are known for their quality work in this regard. Pakistan is one of the Asian giant in web development and web designing. Hybridmediaworks is one such example which is Web Development Company Rawalpindi. Competition forces them to move forward faster. They focused on shorten time from idea to execution. They fostered a mentality nurturing employees and teams that were willing to explore and able to execute.

Website Designer in Islamabad
Website Designer in Islamabad

These Hybridmediaworks Graphic Designer in Islamabad is one such team which can make your dream of living in digital world come true in true sense as per your expectation.Let them furnish your dreams for you and help you out even better and provide economical web based solutions.

Let’s explore the world together.